Meet Tim Godzich: A Serial Healthcare Entrepreneur Spearheading Partnerships at Allay

Tim Godzich is one of those people who makes everything they touch a little better. I was beyond excited that he agreed to become an advisor to Allay last year. But Tim has taken his advisory role further by stepping into a more active role at Allay helping us to vet TPAs and cost containment vendors, coast to coast. That’s why we had to sit down with him for our first webinar to talk about his experiences transforming healthcare and what he sees in Allay:

Serial healthcare entrepreneurship

Tim actually became a healthcare entrepreneur after getting his first in-depth look at the industry as a Big Four consultant. Looking at the industry as an outsider, he could see that it harbored huge potential for disruption having observed inefficiencies from diagnosis to billing and everything in between. While he’s not the first person to recognize that healthcare is broken, I admire the strength of conviction it takes to walk away from a stable career to realize the first consumer driven health plan (CDHP). Definity Health was the first health plan on a mission to incentivize consumers to make better choices both for their health and their wallet. A few years later, consumers weren’t the only ones to recognize the value of CDHPs and United Healthcare acquired the company in 2006.

But Tim wasn’t done. He followed by launching the first online health exchange, Liazon, which eventually became the go-to private exchange solution for over 400 brokerages. Liazon was acquired by Willis Towers Watson in 2013.

“Make it a great day”

Not content with just making healthcare better, he recently turned his attention to creating the perfect carry all beach backpack called Make Great Days! (Fun fact: you’ll often hear him sign off with, “make it a great day/week/weekend.”)

I hope you enjoy the video above to learn more about him and feel inspired to make the day great for yourself too.

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